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Investment Bankers and Placement Agents

Investment bankers and placement agents use PrivateRaise to research deal structures, compare terms, and create pricing for PIPEs, CMPOs, ATMs, 144As and SPACs. Then users are able to target investors active in those deals, including finding their contact information, deal history, and preferences.

Bankers are able to leverage PrivateRaise throughout the entire deal process.

Run Comps & Structure Deals

View over 15,000 in-depth placement profiles of PIPEs, 144As and SPAC transactions. Using over 50 criteria, you can quickly find comparables and term sheets of recent deals to compare investment structures, terms, and pricing. View hundreds of industry statistics tables and gain insight into recent trends in sectors, deal structures, and more.

Find Prospective Investors

Use the online directories to access profiles of over 28,000 industry professionals. Whether you’re looking for a single investor or syndicate of investors, PrivateRaise will point you in the right direction.

Get investor contact information and a complete history of investment preferences in a matter of minutes. Then use this information to cross-reference with other investors to see which funds invest in deals together.

The PrivateRaise directories are updated daily and contain the most comprehensive information available.

Find Deal Targets & Generate More Business

Stay informed of all the deal activity throughout the day, including announcements of new deals, pricing and closing of previously announced deals, filing and effectiveness of shelf registration statements, and more.

Screen for PIPE candidates using a combination of over 40 financial and fundamental data points to determine which companies need to raise capital. Set up customized email alerts for instant notification of recent corporate events. Daily emails can be set up to only include Issuers that meet your specific criteria.

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