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PrivateRaise is the leading source for comprehensive analysis of Private Investments in Public Equity (PIPEs),
Shelf Registrations and Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs).
PrivateRaise makes it easy to monitor and research transactions and the entities associated with these transactions.

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Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPEs & 144A)

  • PIPE Search: using 50 different criteria, users can find comps or analyze deals by industry, sector, or market cap
  • Screen for deal candidates, research comparables, view placement profiles, and analyze stock performance and trading patterns
  • Research deal structures, compare terms, and create optimal pricing for transactions
  • Use our PIPEscreener tool to target companies in need of capital based on cash flow, balance sheet, and income statement criteria
  • Customizable league tables allow users to target new relationships with advisors representing the companies you want to meet
  • The PIPEs Directory: contains 20,000+ profiles of active PIPEs and 144A participants with contact details & deal history
  • PIPE Daily Alerts: Email alerts allow you to monitor new deal activity and can be customized to meet your criteria

Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPACs)

  • SPACs Search: Identify and track SPAC transactions at each stage of their lifecycle through our proprietary database, including acquisition data and SPAC/IPO data
  • SPAC Quick Reports: The most frequently searched queries on our SPAC database are available so you can get data in just 2 clicks


A go-to business development tool for firms interested in monitoring equity and equity-linked private placements and SPACs.

Run Comps & Structure Deals

View more than 15,000+ in-depth placement profiles of PIPEs, 144As and SPAC transactions. Research deal structures, compare terms, and create optimal pricing for transactions.

Find Prospective Investors

Target investors active in deals, including contact information, deal history, and preferences.

Find Deal Targets

Screen for PIPE candidates in need of capital based upon their cash flow, balance sheet, and income statement criteria.

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Extended coverage provided by The Deal in The PIPEs Report

The PIPEs Report is a weekly review of recent news, research, and market data on the activity and developments in small-cap equity finance.

The PIPEs Report includes:

  • Updates on deal activity
  • Analysis of Regulatory issues
  • Rankings of top advisors
  • Metrics and data for PIPE activity and analytics
  • The top stories impacting the PIPE and private placement market