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Private Investments in Public Equity (PIPEs)

PIPE Search

PIPE Search is a proprietary search engine for identifying transaction opportunities. Using over 50 different criteria points you can find "comps" or analyze a group of transactions by specific categories — industry, sector, market cap, or geography, for instance. This is the most comprehensive search engine and the most accurate transaction data in the marketplace.

Placement Criteria

  • Closing Date
  • Placement Type
  • Placement Status
  • Issuance Amount
  • Security Type
  • Registration Statement Effectiveness

Investment Terms Criteria

  • Term
  • Dividend/Coupon
  • Anti-Dilution Protection
  • Reset & Variable Price Minimums
  • Investor Warrants & Options

Issuer Criteria

  • Issuer Name
  • Ticker Symbol
  • Exchange
  • Industry
  • Sector
  • Sub-Sector
  • Equity Market Capitalization
  • Stock Price
  • Average Daily Trading Volume
  • Issuer Location


The PIPEs Directory

The PIPEs Directory contains over 20,000 profiles for all types of participants that are active the PIPE and 144A marketplace. You can search for specific Issuers, Investors, Placement Agents, and Law Firms. Each profile includes contact information, deal history, and deal structure preferences and tendencies. Issuer profiles have click-through access to company news, filings, stock prices and graphs, and financial data.

  • Issuer Profiles and Contact Information
  • Investor Profiles and Contact Information
  • Placement Agent Profiles and Contact Information
  • Law Firm Profiles and Contact Information


PIPE Stats

PIPE Stats contains over 300 pre-determined data tables relating to investment activity and trends in the PIPE and Rule 144A marketplace. The data tables include industry totals and averages as well as specific investment terms and structures. These tables have drill-down capabilities that are completely integrated within our platform.

Totals & Averages

  • Year/Quarter
  • Security Type
  • Price Type
  • Issuer Market Cap
  • Exchange
  • Industry
  • Sector
  • Investor Type
  • Market Cap & Security Type

Investment Terms

  • Purchase/Conversion Price
  • Anti-Dilution Protection
  • Price Minimums
  • Investor Options
  • Investor Restrictions
  • Investor Rights
  • Issuer Options
  • Issuer Rights

PIPE League Tables

PIPE League Tables contain rankings for all deal participants active the marketplace, including Issuers, Investors, Placement Agents, and Law Firms. All tables can be sorted by total number of transactions as well as total dollars invested, placed, or advised. Our PIPE League Tables are the industry standard in the marketplace.

  • Issuers
  • Investment Managers
  • Placement Agents
  • Investor Counsel
  • Issuer Counsel
  • Extremely granular League Tables can be created by user


PIPE Analytics

PIPE Analytics is an integrated tool that automatically calculates totals, averages, trends, and league tables within any ad-hoc set of criteria. This quickly gives a summary of all precedent PIPE deals and their terms and pricing. It also generates a direct lead list for you, of the most active Investors, Bankers, and Attorneys within that specific search.

  • Placement Statistics
  • Placement Terms (% inclusion)
  • Customized League Tables
  • Direct Business Development Lists


PIPE Alert (email)

PIPE Alert emails are sent throughout the day alerting you of all newsworthy events related to PIPEs and 144A transactions such as announcement of new deals, pricing/closing of deals, completion of subsequent closings/tranches, filing/effectiveness of Registration Statements related to completed PIPEs, and filing/effectiveness of Shelf Registration Statements. All relevant stories are also posted and archived in our PIPE News database.

Intraday Alerts

PIPE Intraday Alert emails are sent to alert users in real-time of all newsworthy events in the PIPE market. These include announcements of PIPE deals, subsequent closings, and effectiveness of shelf registrations.

The intraday alerts also can provide a live feed of active Investors, Agents, and Attorneys in real-time as information is disclosed. The best way to track and target those active in the PIPE market in real-time.


PIPE Daily (email)

PIPE Daily emails are sent each morning reviewing the prior day's PIPE, CMPO, ATM, and 144A deal activity. These daily emails allow you to monitor new deals, significant additions/changes to previously announced deals, and filing/effectiveness of Registration statements. By using our Saved Search Daily Feature, these emails can be customized to include only the deals important to you.

Customizable Criteria

  • Placement Status
  • Security Type
  • Exchange
  • Sectors
  • Equity Market Capitalization
  • Issuance Amount


PIPE News contains a completely searchable rolling 90-day archive of press releases and company filings related to PIPEs, 144A transactions, and Shelf Registration Statements. These news items are captured and posted by our research team throughout the trading day to keep you informed of all newsworthy events. These events include the announcement of a new deal, pricing or closing of a deal, and the completion of a subsequent closing/tranche. We also track the filing and effectiveness of Registration Statements related to completed deals as well as newly filed/effective Shelf Registration Statements. You can also receive emails each time a new story is posted to our site by activating your PIPE Alert and Shelf Alert notifications.

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