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Reverse Mergers

Reverse Merger Search

Reverse Merger Search is a proprietary search engine for identifying Reverse Merger transactions and Alternative Public Offerings or "APOs" (Reverse Merger transactions with a concurrent private placement financing). Using over 30 different criteria, you can search our comprehensive database to find "comps" and analyze transactions by specific categories such as industry, sector, market cap, or geography. We are the only platform with fully integrated reverse merger and PIPE data.

Search Criteria

  • Shell Company Criteria
  • Reverse Merger Criteria
  • PIPE Criteria


The Reverse Merger Directory

The Reverse Merger Directory contains over 5,000 profiles for all types of participants active the Reverse Merger marketplace. You can search for Accountants/Auditors, Lawyers, Bankers, Consultants, Investors, Investor Relations Firms, Placement Agents, Post-Merger Companies, Private Companies, Shareholders, Shell Companies, and Shell Sponsors. Each profile contains contact information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. You can also search for companies by city, state, or country/region so that you find the right professional for your deal. This directory is constantly being updated by our dedicated research team.


Reverse Merger Stats

Reverse Merger Stats contains high-level data tables relating to investment activity and trends in Reverse Mergers and Alternative Public Offerings. The data tables include industry totals by quarter, year, geography, exchange, structure, and industry. These tables have drill-down capabilities that are completely integrated within our platform.

Data Tables

  • Reverse Mergers (Year/Quarterly Stats)
  • Reverse Mergers + PIPEs (Year/Quarterly Stats)
  • By Geography
  • By Exchange
  • By Structure
  • By Industry


Shell Search

Shell Search includes a proprietary database of over 1,200 currently reporting shell companies. Using over 10 different criteria, you can find shells that meet your specified needs. We have the most comprehensive list of currently reporting shell vehicles.

Search Criteria

  • Shell Exchange
  • Shell Type
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Initial Shell Declaration Date
  • State of Incorporation
  • Number of Shareholders

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