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Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs)

SPAC Search

SPAC Search is a proprietary search engine for identifying SPAC transactions. Using over 30 different criteria points, you can find and analyze transactions that meet your requirements. Once you find a transaction, you can see all the details associated with that transaction and download the results.

Acquisition Data

  • Target Company
  • Announcement Date
  • Acquisition Date
  • Acquisition Value
  • Target Country
  • Target Industry/Sector
  • Shareholder Vote Date


  • SPAC Status
  • S-1 Filing Date
  • IPO Pricing/Closing Dates
  • IPO Amount
  • IPO Security Type
  • IPO Advisors
  • Sponsor Placement Data


SPAC Quick Reports

Our SPAC Quick Reports include a list of the most frequently searched queries on the SPAC database. Find what you’re looking for quickly — and with just one click.

  • SPACs (Publicly Listed; Merger not Consummated)
  • SPACs by Banker (All SPACs)
  • SPACs by Investor (Including all Publicly Listed)
  • SPACs in Registration (Pre-IPO)
  • SPAC IPOs (All)
  • SPAC League Tables
  • SPACs with Foreign Issuer Status (F-1 Filers)
  • SPAC IPO Statistics (Annual Summary)
  • SPAC Filing Statistics (All SPACs, Annual & Quarterly Summary)

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